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Beer-off! Rum Barrel Pumpkin Ales

I think we can all agree that throwing a delicious beer in another alcohol barrel for added aging and flavor can only be a good thing.  Barrel aging strong beers has become a common practice ever since the bourbon stout, … Continue reading

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Beer-off! Bourbon Stout

So I haven’t updated this blog in the longest time partially due to the fact that I have been busy with work and other things.  I have actually had some amazing beer experiences sandwiched between my last post and this … Continue reading

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Random Beer Thoughts

Lately I haven’t really had enough material to post one coherent blog post, so, I decided to share some of my disjointed beer experiences/observations with some sarcasm for your enjoyment.  First, let’s focus on one of the worst beer and … Continue reading

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ACBW 2013 Beer Pron

This past week was another week dedicated to craft beer.  Which one?  Well depending on the time of year, place you are located, and people you associate with….any week can be a long celebration of craft beer.  American Craft Beer … Continue reading

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