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A New England Beercation

Hi all, I realize that I have not blogged in over a year but I have not had much to write about let alone the time to blog with law school.  I finally was able to take a vacation to … Continue reading

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Beer-off! Rum Barrel Pumpkin Ales

I think we can all agree that throwing a delicious beer in another alcohol barrel for added aging and flavor can only be a good thing.  Barrel aging strong beers has become a common practice ever since the bourbon stout, … Continue reading

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Beer-off! Bourbon Stout

So I haven’t updated this blog in the longest time partially due to the fact that I have been busy with work and other things.  I have actually had some amazing beer experiences sandwiched between my last post and this … Continue reading

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Why Beer?

Those of you who read my last article saw me taking subtle shots at the snobbish parts of the craft beer movement.  I still do believe that it’s wrong to be overly snobbish with beer and I will go into … Continue reading

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Why I don’t rate beers

What am I saying?  Don’t rate beers?  I see you write about beers that you like on this blog all the time! Well yes, I do mention a number of beers that I have enjoyed at different times throughout my … Continue reading

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Random Beer Thoughts

Lately I haven’t really had enough material to post one coherent blog post, so, I decided to share some of my disjointed beer experiences/observations with some sarcasm for your enjoyment.  First, let’s focus on one of the worst beer and … Continue reading

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Savor 2013

Let’s start off the with exclusive Beer from Savor.  New York Limited: Ommegang; Saranac; and Brooklyn Breweries collaborated this year to produce a rich spicy and citrusy white lager that is 100% bottle re-fermented.  This 8.5% ABV beer is big … Continue reading

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