A Beer for History: New Albion

I know I have been pushing a lot of Samuel Adams beers for you all but I wanted to draw attention to another special beer that they put out.  New Albion was a micro-brewery started by Jack McAuliffe in 1976 and the brewery only lasted for four years.  This is important because this was the first micro-brewery of the “modern era” and that helped inspire the current craft beer movement.  The beer in question is a pale ale brewed with American Cascade hops.


As you can see the beer is a light golden color with a foamy head.  The beer has a nice floral citrus aroma with light citrusy flavor with a hint of bitterness.  The hops don’t overwhelm so you can also appreciate the grains.  This beer may not be as hoppy as a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale but this is because it is the precursor to a lot of the current Pale Ales.  The American Pale Ale is a variation on the English style which is light and bitter.  The beer was traditionally a session beer meaning that it is light enough, but flavorful enough that you can drink a lot of them (or have a session of them, as the English say).  In the American fashion, we have taken that style and made it maltier, hoppier, fruity, bitter..basically pushed all the flavors to extreme levels.  This tinkering is how the style evolved into something uniquely American.  New Albion Pale Ale may not be the strongest example of the American style, but that’s because it’s more like the missing link between the English Style and the American one.  Jack McAuliffe started the process of American beer innovation, and we really can’t give him enough credit for that.  Samuel Adams has given it a try by producing this beer.

So, Cheers to everyone involved and get out there to find this beer because it might not be around for long!

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