My Beer Art

Since I know most people won’t be able to get out to my apartment, I decided to post some pictures of my beer themed art to take us into Beer Week.  Enjoy.

1,300 Bottle Caps on an old coffee table. My dad did a fantastic job showing my cap collection in a functional way


Half the fun of this is just seeing all the funky breweries represented here.

Soft Spot for Sam Adams:

I personally prefer when breweries make custom caps to represent their beers. It’s a lot easier to collect than beer bottles.

If you ever want to try saving caps, be careful prying the cap off.  Also, never be afraid to ask bars for their caps.  Most bars just toss them so they are more than happy to give them away.

Onto using caps in a different way:

This menu came from a fantastic beer dinner by Schlenkerla at Birch and Barley. If you haven’t tried smoke beer, this is the best.

Old poster from my pumpkin beer kick:

This is the best drinkable Pumpkin Ale. Dogfish Head Punkin balances the robust pumpkin pie flavors very well. Also, why not caps in the frame?

Transition to my bottle collection:

A collection of some of the strongest beers in the world and my dad’s first attempt at framing caps.

More of my Sam Adams collection:

Samuel Adams Small Batch Collection. I think the rainbow was a coincidence.

Yes, I do also collect the bottles.

If you plan on collecting bottles, I have a couple suggestions:

  1. CLEAN THEM.  Mold will grow in old bottles because the bottles allows the mold a humid environment to naturally latch on to and the little bit of beer left in the bottle is more than enough for it to start growing.
  2. Recommended:  Find a way to recap the bottles.  The natural shape of the bottle is enough space for mold to start growing no matter how clean the bottle is.  It won’t necessarily grow, but I say belt and suspenders.  Also, it keeps dust from collecting in the bottle.

And last, but not least, my dad made me this painting using the six pack poster I made in college.  It signifies my transition from just drinking beer in college to learning to appreciate it since I graduated.

A version of Josef Albers Homage to the Square with Sam Adams

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

I will be attending the DC Beer Week Cruise as well as a couple of events on Monday.  I hope to have another post up tomorrow.

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2 Responses to My Beer Art

  1. Glenn Lammi says:

    Very nice Peter, I’ve been collecting crown caps for about a year or so so I will take inspiration from this! Also was fun to read about your first IPA effort. I brewed my first yesterday and also my first all-grain, a red IPA. Fermentation is proceeding, so far so good!

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