Autumn in August

So, I was perusing the local beer store and noticed, to my surprise, that a lot of orange had replaced the usual vibrant yellows and blues that characterized the summery beers I had been drinking.   I thought, “This cannot be, these beers are late August/early September debuts.”  But an orange leafed tree and a Weyerbacher Pumpkin with a crown are unmistakable; Seasonal Beers like the Holidays are invading the early parts of the calendar.  At this rate I’m expecting summer beers in Mid-January so it won’t be long until we get them back.

Now, normally I’d be one to get outraged and demand that they stop ruining our carefully constructed seasonal beer rotation (Summer lighter, winter heavier).  But, truth be told, I was looking in the store to find a nice American malty beer and could not find a fresh one to save my life.  And after seeing Christmas ornaments in the hallmark store, I can ascertain that this fight is not worth my time…the change is inevitable.  If this means I can still find a nice mix of beers during all seasons, I am all for it.  It’s harder to find a malty dark beers in the summer, but most breweries are always ready to provide lighter beers in the cold months because they know that there is a contingent that enjoys it.  This just keeps a larger variety of beers available in the warmer parts of the year.  So, if you enjoyed Sam Adams Octoberfest, get to your local store, it should be out now.

Try to drink it inside instead of outside in the heat.

So I am preparing to open my first IPA that I have tried to make.  I have taken meticulous notes and plan on cracking the bottle to give you an in depth look at how I made it.  Stay tuned.


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