Internet Issues and Beer Bourbon BBQ recap

So, I was in the process of moving in the middle of the recent power outages and could not access the internet for long enough to write the level of blog post that I wanted.  That and Comcast was a pain to deal with and got my internet back 10 days after I expected to.  They suck.  Can I say that knowing that I am using their internet?  Can they see this?  Hello?  This isn’t China, so, I’ll assume I am good.   Back to the post I promised you all: Beer Bourbon and BBQ at the national waterfront in MD/DC.  To make this more interesting for you I will be sipping some aged Dogfish Head 120 Minute while I do this so it will either be bad or really entertaining.  As I sip this resiny hop punch to this palate….

Beer Bourbon BBQ at National Harbor DC/MD was really really awesome and to start I will recommend that you save this site either to attempt to go before the end of the year or to get on top of pre-sales before next year.  I attended the show in Manhattan in January but the MD show kicks the crap out of the New York one.  My ONLY complaint with the MD/DC show was that it didn’t have a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle that I could see… otherwise it was no contest.  Doing the show in NYC was a cool idea but they really oversold it so you either had to wait in impossibly long lines or go to whatever was open.  They did get some good bbq in NY but, lets be honest, New York is too far north of the Mason Dixon line to have access to the amount of bbq that was necessary.  The VIP tickets at National Harbor give you 2 whole hours before general admission tickets are admitted and you get your tasting glass pre-dipped in Maker’s Mark wax.

‘sniff’ so pretty

You also got access to more beer and better things in general that the indoor festival just didn’t have.  The VIP area gave you access to extra Heavy Seas kegs and a funky bottle list with Chimay Reserve and Delirium Tremens.  But enough of the differences, this was just an all out bbq party.  You get unlimited drinks and you can buy bbq and cigars at several booths.  There is meat beer bourbon and enough T and A to keep any man interested.  Sitting on the hill with cigar and a glass of bourbon/beer with the perfect sun and weather coupled with a stomach full of bbq was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time.  The beer is nice and served Savor style where each brewery brings 2 beers, but most of them were rather generic which may be because it’s hot and you don’t want some funky dark beer.  Its a fun refreshing event that will be on my calendar every year that I can attend.  One disclaimer: There is free food but most of the BBQ is NOT free.  Bring money to buy the bbq and you’ll probably want to check out some of the bazaar style booths.  I found two products that I should share.  One was a wine mix for frozen wine slushees.  I know…wine but it tasted like sweet tarts so there is always a time and place.  And the other AWFUL product was from this group of younger guys offering this plastic shot glass pint glass combo with magnets so that you can drop the shot glass into the pint to have it stay there.  They said, it was because they have problems doing bombs and having the shot glass hit them in the face.  I was not aware that this was a problem…  I don’t really feel that it’s necessary to fix that “problem” because most people either don’t do that many bombs or are smart enough to let the glass not hit them…Just a suggestion.

Anyway A+ event here is a random expensive beer review.

The Pappy of Beer

Fruet – The Bruery – Old Ale 15.5% ABV

Appearance: Deep rich brown color with a slight white head.

Smell: Rich vanilla oak and a great bourbon aroma.  This might be the strongest bourbon aroma I have ever experienced.

Taste:  The carbonation is light but the weight of this rich bourbon flavor makes you only want to sip this slowly.  It has all the classic oak and vanilla notes of a well aged beer with a nice all spice note and great warmth from the alcohol content.

Note: The price is 30 dollars.  It is rare but it is aged for years in bourbon barrels. I think it’s worth the price and could do really well with aging.  I shared this with friends and they aren’t beer people but the first reaction was “I would drink more beer if it was like this.”  ‘Nough said.

So I want to make it up to people who read this by giving you a lot of posts this weekend.  I am planning to try my hand at brewing an IPA so I will list my notes and everything from that.  Also I have a cheese pairing to post soon and I am attending a beer and bacon pairing event at the Founding Farmers in DC so I will post about that and you should check that place out for brunch if you ever get the chance.



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