The Mission

Well hello there beer lovers, occasional beer drinkers, guy who drinks light beer because it’s cheap and that girl who won’t touch beer because she has bad memories of the slightly skunked light beer at frat parties.  I have decided to start this blog for all of you because I think we all suffer from an inability to communicate.  The beer snobs can’t appreciate the palates of the novices; everyday beer drinkers can’t understand why anyone could use a beer version of a sommelier; and no one believes that guy trying to tell us that Miller Lite is actually a top quality beer.  We all need to stop and embrace each other because we live in a unique time in beer history.  America is emerging as the most unique and inventive place to enjoy this liquid art and nothing impresses more than the Savor beer and food festival where 75 breweries get together to showcase their products.  The thing most people don’t know is that hundreds of breweries had to put their names into a drawing just to be chosen for this event.  Well, there are more than 1500 operating American breweries and that number is growing every day.  We also need to sit back and marvel at the ingenuity of the beer industry thanks to tools to duplicate the water conditions in places like Germany and England as well as the ability to purchase all the ingredients used in each of these unique countries.  Not only are breweries fully capable of duplicating the quality beers of the traditional brewing powers, but they are also willing to work together on a level that you never see in any other industry.  Walk into any beer centered store and you will usually see one beer that bears the label of two breweries; both companies pooling resources and techniques to push the boundary of what beer can be.  This is just the beginning of my attempt to bring together the information, sights, and sounds of novice homebrewer trying to make sense of this beer Renaissance we are living in.  In the coming months I will show you my homebrewing, beer and food pairings, and beer events and experiences that I think should spark your interesting in starting your personal beer quest.


Up next Weekend beer and cheese pairing featuring Widmers Aged Cheddar; Rogue River Smokey Blue Cheese; and Beehive Barely Buzzed Cheese running into Schlenkerla Urbock; DuClaw x-1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate Rye Porter; and Boulevard Double Wide India Pale Ale.

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